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S Bent Bros
S Bent Bros  
S Bent Bros
S Bent Bros  
QUESTION: I have a S Bent Bros Rocking Chair with the numbers 382 1081 833.  Do you have an idea when it may have been made and it's value.  I just had it refinished and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks for your time and information.  Patsy

ANSWER: Beautifully done!

This style was popular and manufactured in the 1970s and 80s.  Unfortunately we do not have access to the numbers as they are proprietary.

S Bent and Bros.  made colonial style reproductions using good quality wood and manufacturing techniques.   I have been fortunate to have restored some of their items and can attest to the quality.

What did you pay and how much were the restoration costs?  Do you want a fair market vlue or an insurance replacement value?

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QUESTION: We bought the chair many-many years ago…we were trying to put a date on the time but just can’t remember…I was thinking about 1971.  We gave it to our daughter 15 years ago and for the last several years they used it as seating in their garage/basement.  She gave it back to us recently and we had our local refinisher bring it back to life…he did a fantastic job…$125.00 to refinish…I ‘think’ I paid $150.00 way back then.   I certainly do not want to sell it just wanted to get your expert advice on the age and value.   Thanks again for your time and expertise.

that was a very good price for the finishing!!  my charge would have been 275-325.

the retail fair market value would be around 250 tops.  the insurance replacement about double to 650.  do understand that insurance replacement is not a selling price.  the insurance companies set this by inference.  example, if you replace you truck windshield and self pay it will cost about 180-200 if you have it done by your insurance it will be charged at 375-425 and that is what the insurance will pay.  same in medical, i paid for eyeball lens implants at less than 5000 for both eyes.  insurance would have paid much more almost double.  

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