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china cabinet
china cabinet  

hello George,
        hopefully you can tell me ,alittle about
what i bought at a garage sale. i bought it for
$175  . did i do good? and what do i have.
please help..should i refinish it?

Hi Miles,

While you certainly did not pay too much, you now want to clean it up, but I would not
refinish it since it is not worth the energy.. It is a lower grade of quality and
perhaps the entire set did not sell for more than what you paid, back in the late 1920's.

As for a maker, it is next to impossible to tell you who made it, not that it really
matters, but it is always nice to know.  The problem is, with the volumes of lower
grade furniture that was made back after the turn of the century, only the very fine
and collectable pieces have been documented.

Look at it this way, do you think in the next fifty years we will be able to document
all of the garbage coming into this country from China? Now that is a scary thought.

Best of luck with your dining set.

George E. Harrison III  

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