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Dear Robert, I found the next topic:

I bought an identical sofa. I don't know who was the manufacturer, but in the rotating flat bar on the front of sofa (when the sofa is open) I can read this label "Steel equipment made by SENG Chicago". Do you have some additional information about this sofa? some idea about its market value?
Thanks you so much in advance.
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PD: I am from Argentina, sorry for my english.

Your english is wonderful.  it is much better than many, perhaps most, of those born in this country.  Back in the late 1960s and early 1970 i tried teaching school as a substitute teacher in middle and high school.  I was very disappointed to learn that many students in grades 8-12 were reading at what had been the level of grades 1,2,3 in the 1950-58 years.

almost identical but there is a difference on the front upright pieces from the arm to the floor.  But, is is so close i would say that it was made by the same company.

the condition of yours is better than the one you referenced.  yours as shown would sell in my area at 1000 in a shop.

i do not know the economics in Argentina but i would like to ask you a couple of questions if you would send to me by email.  can you open the sofa and take a picture opened?

I cant tell you anything about the manufacturer since the label is only for the metal and there were thousands of manufacturers in operation, about 5000.  the seng company was operating from 1874 to 1954.  the sofa was made around 1900-1910 or 20s.

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