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Hi, I'm selling some items of a friend that has failing health. One piece of furniture I have no clue what to sell it for. I can't find anything like it.From the pictures I hope you can help me out. Thank you in advance.

Branded or burnt labeling shown on your furniture was between 1926 and 1984 by L&JG Stickley (Leopold).

Gustav's furniture is more valuable that any of the other brothers and was all made prior to 1915. Gustav's was in the mission style, the more valuable and collectable.  The later pieces are not yet sought after by collectors but are sought as quality items and the allure of the stickley name.

below is some info from some of my folders that may be helpful.  there is a lot of history about Stickley online and in books, it is interesting and confusing as there were 5 brothers going in separate directions.  labeling is the key but we must beware of paper labels that look too new.  fortunately this is not the case with branding.

The Cherry Valley Collection, introduced in mid 1920s was branded like yours.  After John George died in 1921 and Leonard in 1958, Leonard's wife took over the business. In 1974 the company sold to Alfred and Aminy Audi. Some of the old Mission furniture designs were reintroduced which does not apply to your piece. Alfred died in 2007 and the company is now run by his wife and son. Company headquarters are in Manlius, New York. The company historian may be able to help identify your Stickley furniture. Send photos to Historian, Stickley Furniture Co., One Stickley Dr., Manlius, NY 13104; or send digital images to quoted material

i need a picture of the outside bottom and outside of the side of a drawer where it meets teh front and a pic ture of the screaw head that holds any hardware in place to help narrow down the date.

As it sits i would price this at 750-1000.  

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