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I believe this table is a Duncan Phyfe styled pieces or it is are very old piece from the Federal Period.

If you could identify the period and estimated value of the piece. I would appreciate your input. Thank you for your time & knowledge. I will be emailing you the pictures.

The watertown table slide company in watertown, wisconsin was established in 1889 and incorporated in 1891.  But even without that information i am sorry to say that this is not from the Federal period nor is it an authentic DF piece.  However, this style is timeless and classic, desirable and elegant.  that accounts for its continued success for the last two centuries, up to and including the present time.

Your table is a manufactured item made in the 1930-40s era.  I have seen many of these, perhaps hundreds and have also had the honor to have viewed and touched authentic DF and authentic Federal period tables in this style and similar styles.

The number 98 is a factory stamp that denotes either the style, color, inventory number, or some other proprietary company number.  Possibly and often this is a number placed on separated parts of the whole.  for example, there may be 100 tops and bases with this number meaning that they are interchangeable within the same company.

The top of the table will be mahogany veneer with a secondary veneer cross banded underneath, all covering a lumber core. and the base either mahogany or sweet gum and/or tulip poplar stained from the factory to a mahogany color with a water based dye.

although i cannot see the face/top of the saber shaped legs i am sure they are reeded as was the custom and end with brass or brass plated caps.

I am hoping this does not disappoint, it shouldn't, it is a fine table and i would like to see the pictures of the other pieces.

do you also have insertable leaves?  this would affect the fair market value.

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