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I would like to know the approximate year and who made it. Do you know what the JM stamp means? I believe the stamp on the back says "25 Van.Dress" "An.Walnut" but it is hard to read. Thank you for any info.

Candice B.

JM would be the person who did the assembly or final inspection.  this was a manufactured item made around 1910.  As to which manufacturer made it, that will remain unknown as there were about 5000 in operation churning out furniture at that time and no one will be able to tell you that information.  at one time there was probably a paper label on the back.  you might find 4 tacks or four holes in the back forming a square about 2.5 by 5 inches which would have been the tag.  or it may have had a glued on thin paper label.

the 25 van.dress means model 25 or catalog #25 vanity dresser.  an walnut means the color is antique walnut stain.

you have had your hands full stripping this, the wood is sweet gum and tulip poplar and some mahogany veneer or walnut veneer (under the mirror) all stained with a water base dye in the walnut color which is very much like van dyke brown.

nice piece with the folding triple mirrors and well constructed with the dust covers between the drawers.

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