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Brass Table
Brass Table  
Hello, I was wondering if you can tell me what this is.  I believe it is a table top maybe?  Also what time period or who may have made it.  It was my Great Grandmothers and wondering if it is worth restoring or not.  Thank you for your time.

I dont study brass items since there are and were so many made in so many countries for so many years.  corrosion is no indication of age since it is due to care and surroundings.  close inspection of the metal and testing of the metal can sometimes give the origin.

as to value, this would not sell high but it doesnt matter, it was your gmothers and therefore priceless as a family heirloom.

you restore it your self.  like this.

first wash it with dish washing liquid and water.  rinse and dry.  clean with lacquer thinner, and let it dry.

now for the rest.

buy muriatic acid.  carefully and outside mix three parts water and one part muriatic acid.  wear heavy gloves and eye protection.  wash the tray with the muriatic and clean with #000 steel wood.  it will turn color, rinse well with the garden hose.  then use, once dry, household cleaning ammonia like you find at the grocery store.  Flor it on and use another steel wool pad, gently as before wipe the surfaces with it and it should turn yellow.  rinse.  now use brite boy brass cleaner, just follow the directions.  you have just saved about $150 and have a mice looking tray.

do front and rear.  

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