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oak spoon carved bed
oak spoon carved bed  
QUESTION: I have a bedroom set (bed, dresser w/mirror, and commode w/ towel rack. All are oak and spoon carved...all in good condition and appear all original. Set has been resurfaced at one time. Would like to have verification of "Eastlake" and estimate of market value.

ANSWER: show a picture of the outside of the side on one drawer where the side meets the front

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QUESTION: Here is the picture of the dovetail.  All of them are hand hewn. I have also included a picture of the commode.  Thanks again for helping me on this.  Bob

hardware might be hand cut but without seeing them apart cannot be certain, might have been cut with a dull router type bit.  have seen these before and both appear the same from the exterior.

regardless of which, yes this can be called eastlake style and would have been made between 1885 and 1910.  the chip carving and incise carving are certainly characteristics of easelake, however true eastlake design is far more intricate and i would recommend you look at some of the walnut done in eastlake,s times and at his design books to familiarize yourself with the pure originals.  

i am certain the round drawer pulls have been changed as they cover some of the carving, the others although not eastlake design pulls are still found on this type furniture.

bed has some eastlake style carving but also the router style releif carving that is considered late victorian.  the headboard appears to have been cut down at some time, gererally these are high back but if the cut was done professionally then it does not really hurt the retail sell.

as to retail market value

washstand 400-550 with towel bar

bed 650-750--not part of the original set of the washstand and dresser but is a good fit, the bed is a higher quality but probably cut down at the head

dresser 650  

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