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Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me anything about these tables. I'm new to collecting vintage/antique furniture and don't know much about them at all. They measure 26"x17"x26". The drawers in front are actually one large drawer. There is the number 1203 stamped on the bottom edge under each drawer, and there are no markings much other than that. They have dove-tailed drawers and the tops are decorated with gold foil around the edges and center design. The top as a whole is a thin piece of material, what I first assumed was veneer. It has started to crack, and looks much like a dry desert floor without any spacing between the cracking, if that makes sense. Anyhow, as I researched "gold inlay end tables" the only ones with gold inlay seemed to have leather tops. To me, that would explain the cracking I am seeing, but it seems much harder, thinner, and smoother than leather, and maybe covered in an enamel sort of coating because it's shiny? It is starting to lift slightly around some edges and I am able to tell that it is very thin. Doesn't seem like leather, but I thought I'd double check. Other than the cracking and a missing drawer pull, they're in really good shape and I was lucky to get them for a really good price, whether or not they have significant value. I'm not extremely interested in what they're worth because I love them and plan on keeping them a long while, but if you happen to know a ball-park figure I wouldn't mind having the knowledge! Thank you for your time!

Probably made in the late 1930s or early 40s.

often times what appears to be leather at first look turns out to be a tight woven fabric like canvas that is impregnated with a pigmented shellac or paint like coating, then shellac with color or just with color then overcoated with shellac.  different companies did things a different way so it is difficult for anyone to be sure.

It is normal for the surface to look as you describe.  i like your description of a dry desert floor and will probably start using it rather than mine of a dried up river bed.

There are ways to smooth that out but it is best left to pros.

the pulls are called dutch drops and can be purchased at whitechaple ltd, paxton, vintage hardware, marshall-brass,   and others.

retail about 125 each in a shop.  

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