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QUESTION: Hiya Robert, I found this piece on Craigslist a few months ago.  I have done a ton of searches using different terms but have not found anything similar.  I've looked up images for buffets, credenzas, sideboards, etc...and re-did all those searches adding terms such as "short" and "low" and other various terms. It is 5' long, 30" tall, and 22" wide.  I considered maybe part of a hutch as well...but it has that raised piece along the back that wouldn't even be able to be seen if a hutch was there, so I didn't think that made any sense either.  I found 1 similar piece but they were calling it a hope chest and once I read the comments it became apparent that they were all in the same boat as I was...having never seen something similar before.  The link to that site is and it includes a few pics also.  

I'm just wondering if you could tell me what this piece actually is and a rough age and type of wood it is made from would be great as well.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it and don't plan on parting with it but I was also curious about its worth.  Any info would be great because I have literally been able to find nothing except the hope chest article.  I will attach a pic of my piece.  Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your time, experience, and willingness to share what you know.  :)


ANSWER: you purchased what used to be a jacobean style sideboard made in the 1920s.  cant really be certain of the wood since the picture is too distant but it should be either mahogany or walnut or both.  it is veneered.  the scrolls on the doors is another species of wood veneer but i cannot see it.  the legs and frame should be sweet gum and/or tulip poplar.

an interesting use and conversion which would make for a great tv table or you could raise it up to sideboard height again.

as to worth i cannot say as i am used to whole pieces and that is what i buy and sell.  if the piece were whole yet in the condition shown it would sell in a shop at 450-500 retail.

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QUESTION: Thank you soooo much!!  So you're saying that someone DID cut the legs off?

absolutely, someone did cut the legs off.  same thing with some of the items on the link you provided at chrissies collections.

google 1920s sideboards or 1920 jacobean style sideboards or  

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