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I inherited this chair from my mom after she passed away.  I can't find anything that would identify it's origin, style or age. Not even a lead.  I've posted it on several furniture sites, but still nothing.  

The wood seems to be hand carved, as I can seen imperfections in the designs that should be complete mirrors of each other and I can see what looks like blade cuts.  The seat (I'm assuming my mom created a new one) is held in place by 4 interwoven metal bands that are nailed to the frame.  I could find no names or writing anywhere on the chair.

Would much appreciate a lead if you have one.  Thank you!



empire style not empire.  empire would indicate it was 1830s, which it is not.

it is an empire style chair made in the 1920s-30s of birch wood and mahogany in the back slat.

carving will be machine assisted hand work.

it could have been made at any of thousands of factories.  without a label no one will ever know.

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