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antique chair
antique chair  

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art work  
I found this chair tucked away in my grandmothers garage.  i haven't been able to find anything about it or like it online.  I would like to know the style, age, and what you believe market value would be for my piece.  I do know that the bottom was reupholstered,  but the upper fabric is original.  It has ceramic casters and the front legs are square, not round.  The back is solid from the top to the seat.  Also there are no real arms to speak of.  Just a very short curved piece connecting the back to the seat.

wood is oak

part of a parlor set at one time and would have had a matching loveseat and other side chairs with and without arms

style is a mixture called colonial revival.  also late victorian.

made around 1890-1900

as is the price is about 50$

restored at a cost of 4-500$ it would retail at the cost of the restoration.

the curved pieces at the back of seat are called hip rests.

take all the fabric off, wash it with lacquer thinner and finish the chair, it will surprise you how good it will look  

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