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The tall piece
The tall piece  

largest buffet
largest buffet  
I love your site!!  Appreciate your expertise.  We just recently bought this (picking it up today!!) Jacobean dining set in golden oak (the pics show it as a grayish hue but it's a beautiful golden oak) for $450 for three servers/buffets, six chairs and the table.  The table and tall buffet/china with the columns are veneered with the buffet having some significant chips/peeling on the top. Is that the correct name for this piece? I LOVE IT and it fits our 1928 home!  I've been looking into Jacobean and haven't seen a lot in oak...any suggestions about the veneered top?  I thought of fine steel wool on the table top (the pull out leaves look to be in fine condition...then waxing. All the fronts appear to be solid oak.  There is some time damage and a few of the chairs are wobbly. There also is a "chip" on a corner of the smallest server that we thought about slightly sanding to remove sharps and then staining to match...but all in all...what do you think?

added after your king feedback.

although beeswax will work and is a wonderful furniture care product, I said Briwax, a commercial product.


tall piece is a blind china cabinet
long piece is the sideboard
matching but shorter will be a server

china alone should have been 750$

staining to match is not an easy task so be careful.  often it is better to leave things alone unless you have the skills to do no harm.  

slight movement in the chairs is acceptable, just treat them with respect.  gluing properly will cost 100-150 per chair so just ride easy.

you did well, normal wear damages are acceptable.  toluene free briwax in a dark oak color is all that is needed.

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