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My mother-in-law purchased this rocking chair at a garage sale approximately seven years ago for $50 or $60. She is now wanting to sell it, so I decided to do some research on her behalf to find it's true value. There seemed to be a huge discrepancy in prices. Can you please advise me as to a realistic price if I sell privately.  Thank you.


Dear Kelly,

What you have is commonly referred to as a late Victorian platform rocker,
circa 1890.

I find that the values of these chairs have dropped in value since today's
younger buyers do not share an interest as previous generations have.

While you can see asking prices ranging anywhere from $175. to $450., my
feeling is that the $250 range is more realistic for producing an eager buyer.
Much of the value also depends on what the market will bear in your
geographic location. In the mid west for instance, prices might be a bit higher
than on the east and west coasts, where buyers tend to be slaves to more current
fashion trends.

Best of luck,

George E. Harrison III

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