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side view
side view  

I bought this swing leg table at a local flea market for $125. I chose it mostly because of its versatility; and the price was right, too.

I'm curious to know a little more about it:
*What type of wood is it made of?
*About how old is it?
*Was it homemade or manufactured?
*What is the fair market value of it?

I have more photos that I will be emailing to you just in case you need more details.

Also, I am considering staining it a darker color to match my home's decor but I don't want to compromise the integrity/value of the table. Does an old piece of furniture lose value once it has been refinished?

Thank you in advance,


first, sanding it down is not an option or choice.  if you are to remove the existing finish to get to bare wood you need to take the table apart, strip it with a methylene base stripper, wash with lacquer thinner then do what you want with the staining from there.  after which you must use a topoat of some sort, varnish, shellac or lacquer.  not really a job for one with limited experience.  also there is one place on the table that needs gluing.  the gate leg, where it attaches to the swing arm is loose and must be glued with titebond carpenters glue.  to do this you must remove the leg from the swing arm, butter it with glue, put it back together and clamp it with bar or pipe clamps (wipe the excess glue with a damp rag and leave it overnight.

back to your original plan.  it is a super nice table that you purchased at half price.  It is from the 1950s but is a style made in the early 1800s.  If you want to paint it then do not remove the existing finish, just clean it up and wipe itówipe itówith 220 grit sandpaper on the top so the paint will stick.  leaving the original coating will insure the paint can be removed later with no complications.

it is a manufactured piece
cherry and tulip poplar
retail as shown in a shop 275
restored properly 650

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