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QUESTION: For some reason I was not able to reply to the thread we started. So here are the additional pictures you requested. The back, the label inside the bookcase (there is nothing on the desk?) and the grain of the wood which I took this picture from the bottom bookcase. Thank you!

ps It is only letting me send 2 images? So the grain is not included

ANSWER: Macy quarter oak in the golden oak color.  refinishing would be ok but will be costly, about 750.

Macy and other companies made stacked bookcases and bookcases with desks in many forms and configurations.

the ones with the desk are not as common as i said before.  original finish is best if it is good other wise a proper an professional refinishing is ok.  you should consider this was your dads.  many times when someone refinishes a family piece it becomes very different visually and they wish they and left it alone to retain the memories.

you asked a very broad question and I am hoping you can be more specific as to what you need or want to know.  thing is that there is a lot of information on the company and other companies that make these, i mean volumes if you have library access to a reference department that will do inter library loans for materials.  you can get things from any library in the country if you want.

there are museums that just show office furniture, home and commercial.

basically you have an unusual Macy quartered oak sectional bookcase with desk.  quartered oak is the same as what is called tiger oak.

if this were in original condition with all original parts and clean it would sell at 2500 in a shop, not from home.  i know it is not something you will sell but insurance replacement is higher yet.

let me know what else i can help with

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QUESTION: So basically it was made around 1905-06? It is oak? I just wanted a little background on it since I couldn't find anything out myself. That is really all I wanted to know...I am going to have it re-finished by a professional. It is a really cool desk that holds a lot of memories for me. The only other thing I wanted to ask is, why do you say they are uncommon? Thank you for all your help!

the patent date is the earliest so you can confidently say 1906-1910.  

it states quartered oak so it would be , however on all  items this is not so.  often you may see WAL on the back of something which mans walnut color.  saying it is quartered oak sets the tone of oak.

Uncommon because, as you have found, you cant find them and they were more expensive when made.  it was easier to make just stacks and bases.  making the desk part meant more labor.

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