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Chaise Lounge  

Hello. I have recently purchased two pieces of furniture from a local antique store. I am so curious about their histories and hope you might be able to lend your expertise so that I can find answers to a few questions.

I would like to know from what periods and what styles the pieces are. I believe the love seat is American Federal and the chaise may be Victorian? How can I locate and identify any distinguishing features, for example, the feet, carvings, curvatures, signature, marks etc. that may give some insight on their stories? What might their values be? The love seat is in okay shape...typical scrapes and scuffs. The chaise has cracks in the wooden legs, scrapes and scuffs as well. I am planning to reupholstering both of them.

Thank you! I am looking forward to your response!
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both should be considered Federal style.  i cannot be more accurate than 1920-40 from the photographs provided.  it is unlikely there are signatures as these are manufactured pieces.  

remember that all things have characteristics of prior styles.  some would call both duncan phyfe but only because the style of leg has been accepted much as a copy of a document has been called a xerox.  a very poor way to determine since all must be taken as a whole.  sheraton, hepplewhite, adams, chippendale, duncan phyfe, and others all used and adapted the accepted styles of what was popular and what sold each adapting just as all companies do today.

both are classic pieces in a classic style.  i especially like the loveseat.  completely done it will be a striking piece.  same with the fainting couch.

closer pictures of the wood please, and right side up...

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