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Yale Trunk Back
Yale Trunk Back  
Yale Trunk
Yale Trunk  
QUESTION: I was wondering if you have any history on this trunk and possible value.  I have restored it the best I can as I have Parkinson's Disease and I do this for therapy.  The lock has "Yale Towne & MFG. Co. Stamford, Conn. USA on the round top of lock and on bottom piece where lock/key code should be it says "AT". It was originally covered with very nasty canvas and extremely rusty. All hardware is original except for leather straps, handles and side handle covers. Your help is always greatly appreciated!!! :)

ANSWER: there were so many trunk comanies there is no way anyone can tell you who made it but this is a highly desirable form and size trunk.  the lock tells me it is was a high quality trunk, the lock is not a stamped one but, and tell me if i am wrong, it looks like the cast type, heavy and thick.  also the corner irons look to be heavy and thick.  all the sign of well made to last.

before i venture into worth, would you post a picture of the interiors?

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Yale Interior
Yale Interior  

Yale Bottom
Yale Bottom  
QUESTION: Yes, the the lock is heavy and thick as well as the corner irons.  Inside was originally covered with thick board-like paper but was shredded and moldy so I had to remove and restore the wood. The bottom of trunk has metal with wood slats. Again, thank you for your help!

good job on the interior as well.

retail price about 1200 using online for comparison.   I personally like the wood finish on the inside but not everyone does.

To restore one of these like you have done I charge around 600-750 minimum plus the inside depending on what they want done on the inside.

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