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Antique chair - Full  

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Antique Chair - Bottom  
Hi Robert! I hope all is well. Thank you for your answer about the smoking stand. It did sell shortly after we communicated.

Anyway, I picked up a chair that appears to be truly an antique. There is zero hardware. It has a woven cane(?) seat, that is in terrible shape. Actually I found a roll of cane material at the same estate (another room) that I believe must have been meant for a restoration. The chair has excellent "bones" and is very sturdy. I normally pass on chairs, but this one intrigue me, exspecially after I found the cane.

Can you indentify -

Age, type, maker, location made, expected cost to have it re-caned, value after restore.

My tendancy is to "semi-restore" an item like this. Clean it up, light sanding and restain. Leave some of the age on it. Do you agree? Or, does it deserve a complete restore?

Thank you and have a GREAT day!

actually this is a rush seat, cane is different.

chair is a 1920-40 reproduction of an early chair.  it is called colonial revival in form and style, a loose copy of one of the many windsor styles made early on.

since it is a manufactured chair, without a label there is no way to determine which of the 5000 manufacturers made this or where, other than it is a USA item.

prices vary on doing rush seats, here it would cost about $100-150 and that would be more than the selling price of the chair before or after restoration.  you might get a book and do the seat yourself, it isnt hard, just time consuming.

refinishing and gluing comes first, then the seat, the rush is generally left natural to color out from time and use.  some coat the rush, if it is coated, then a light coat of sprayed shellac.

insurance value after restoration about 200-250 but retail selling price about 100.  single chairs just dont seem to bring much money.

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