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RD Bruns wrote at 2016-04-16 17:34:15
Mr Klein,

I read your answers, they were excellent answers given the information supplied.  You deserved the highest rating.  

I am of the opinion the current prices for vintage furniture is unfortunately low and disappointing for many reasons (jobs, economy, etc.)  People should not confuse price with value. This is a valuable piece, a value that is not reflected in the price.  Opinions and pricing vary, however, that doesn't determine it's value to our homes and community.

This is about the wood; the wood in the furniture can (always)be refreshed, renewed or restored.  Please, don't ever paint (faux finish)this type of furniture for any reason. That action dishonors the wood. Please don't do anything rash, but save it and seek help. Saving and renewing it is the best answer. If you can't do that, ask for other help. Please donate it and get some help in getting something new, nice and painted at IKEA. IKEA furniture can be painted or easy to care for laminate.  

We can save almost any piece of wood with time, skill and materials.  We save many pieces, when there isn't any economic justification for the labor and materials used to save this furniture. There are many of us that do it and lose money on every job of this type. The real facts are that we still make "ends meet" with other non-related projects.  We are blessed to be able to be of service to our friends and neighbors.  This older(even vintage)furniture is often dilapidated and in horrible condition and saving it is a daunting challenge, but in every single case - this is not about the money, it is about the wood.  Saving this old wood, in any condition, is best green answer possible.

May peace be with you,

RD Bruns  4/16/2016

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