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I know it says above to be specific with the question.  However, I am completely clueless about this furniture and would appreciate any information you could tell me (I know you said this is too vague, sorry).  With my lack of knowledge, I have no idea what to ask.  My great Aunt Mary left it to me.  Any info at all would be helpful!  Thanks!

ANSWER: dresser an vanity is from the 1920s.  made with sweet gum as the case wood.  veneered surfaces in burl ash, walnut and mahogany.

the loveseat is probably birch, most were, from 1890-1910 the late victorian style.  stained to look like mahogany.

if you could repost or email clearer better lit pictures i might can tell you more.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for all that info!  It's incredible you can tell all of that just from a picture.  I've been attempting to reply back with better pictures, but you've been maxed out every time I try!  You must know your stuff!  Anyways, I attached some clearer pictures of the loveseat and matching chairs.  Anymore info would be greatly appreciated!  Also, is there anyway you could give me an estimate of what the set is worth(1 loveseat, 5 matching chairs), as well the vanity/dresser?  I am hoping the monetary value will give me an idea if this furniture is common or something you can pick up at a local second hand store.

I needed the closer pictures to determine the wood species of the loveseat.  often they are birch or figured birch stained to resemble mahogany.  the better ones are walnut, as your is walnut.

the love seat would sell in a shop at 550-750, the chair at 350-450.  depends on the stability and feel of the wood.  

you find similar items for sale cheap but it costs about 600-750 to have the loveseat refinished and restored if nothing is broken but only loose.

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