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Night stand
Night stand  
Information I Have: Tag attached to back of one piece says Northern Furniture, Resin Bonded #2224, Sheboygan, WI.   Metal plate in 5-drawer high chest says RWay furniture. I think it was purchased around 1942 when my parents got married. It is Cherry mahogany and my mother always called it "Chinese Chippendale" She had a footboard and headboard but gave it to a relative in need when she downsized to a twin bed years after my father passed away. I tried to research it but couldn't find anything like it in reference books. Can you give me an idea if this has any value as  antique furniture? My mother passed away five years ago and I need to downsize due to limited income since I needed to stop working. Any more information on this furniture will be appreciated.

the wood is mahogany and you moms category is accurate.

it isnt really important if it is classified as 'antique'.  everyone's definition is different.  gubermint definition is 100 years.  lets call this collectible or vintage.

retail the stand would retail at 150, the dresser at 350.

copied info for you on the company:
Northern Furniture Company
Furniture with the Northern Furniture Company brand name was manufactured in Sheboygan between the years 1904 and 1949. The company was originally founded by George B. Mattoon in 1881. The plant grew from a modest start until by 1900 it covered twelve acres and employed some 800 workers. This enterprise was known as the Mattoon Manufacturing Company until the founder's death in 1904. The name was then changed to the Northern Furniture Company. In 1916 the firm was bought by the Reiss interests (of the C. Reiss Coal Company, a prominent name in Wisconsin). The company continued to manufacture tables, desks, bookcases and buffets apparently through 1949. At that time the name was changed to R-Way Furniture. Unfortunately, Mead Library does not own any catalogs or other records from the Northern Furniture Company.

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