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Underneath Table
Underneath Table  

My wife and I acquired this small dining table, extreme wear and tear but a lot of character.  The seller knew next to nothing about it, and we bought it with the intention of sanding it down, finishing it and sprucing it up as best we could.  Before we do that, I wanted to learn more about it.

The table is expandable by pulling each end (though very stubborn), with a leaf in the middle.  The center leaf mechanism seems outdated and a bit overkill, as it's spring loaded with a small metal gear set into the wooden table's innards.  The first time we successfully opened it fully, the center leaf sprung out violently into place!

I am curious about the age of the piece, its make and style, and the materials used in its construction.  Also, how best to restore this piece, should it be worth restoring at all?  I have more pictures available if needed.

ANSWER: send a pic of the mechanism you refer to

top is oak
cant see the grain in the legs

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Table Legs
Table Legs  

Under Table
Under Table  
QUESTION: Here are two more pictures, one of the legs and another of the springs underneath.  Without the help of a second person, I am unable to open the table enough to reveal the metal gear at its center.  Will make an attempt soon.

correction 1920s-1930s

base is oak as well.

so the leaf is stored full length under the table and the spring flips it up when the table is opened-----this is a different setup than i have seen,  could hurt something or someone??

there is a silicone spray for drawer slides you might consider spraying inside the wooden slides to make them move more freely.

i would strip the table with chemical stripper then sand lightly, stain and coat with shellac for the best look.  if you just sand the surface you might loose some of the character so strip first, lightly sand after.

you ask if it is worth restoring, i cant answer that,  if you like it do it but if you pay someone to do it it will cost more than the fair market value of the table in a retail setting.

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