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name plate
name plate  

dads desk
dads desk  
My father showed me a hidden latch on this desk 20 years ago so that I could take it apart when he was gone.   Unfortunately my memory is not that good.  Would you able to help so that we can take this apart to move it?    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.   

Please let me know if you need additional pictures or information.

Thank you

might have been a latch he showed you to unlock but to take it apart to move is involved.  i have taken apart and assembled at least 40 in the last 40 years.

take out the center drawer and set aside.

feel around the underside of the overhang of the writing surface.  Are there screws showing under that lip that screw into the top, if yes then take them out all around the perimeter including in the knee hole.  if there are none then remove all the drawers and look inside the cases that hold the drawers for screws that go from the drawer cases/pedestals into the writing surface.  remove all screws that hold the writing surface to the drawer pedestals or cases. including any that hold the chastity or privacy panel to the writing surface.

lift the whole upper section off the pedestals.  that would be the writing surface and everything above. it will lift all as one unit.  if it does not lift there are still screws holding it.

next unscrew the chastity panes from the two drawer pedestals and if there is a cross piece in teh front that supported the center drawer, remove it.

now you should have two drawer pedestals, one chastity panel, one center drawer and separators, one complete upper section and a cup of screws.

take pictures of the process, if screws are different sizes, mark them and where they go with blue painters tape.

Have the roll up when moving it and all the drawers out.  

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