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Kindel Chairs
Kindel Chairs  

Kindel Chairs
Kindel Chairs  

I just picked up some chairs at a thrift store and although I'm hoping they are worth more, I have no idea. I have no idea if I got scammed or if these are the real thing. I read a lot about the Kindel furniture company and that even their reproductions are valued high.

I got a total of 4 chairs, 2 with arms and 2 without arms. They are in very very good condition. Attached is an image of the chairs and the tags on the bottoms of the chairs.

I would like to paint them but don't want to until I find out the value and if it matters to the value to paint them. I would greatly appreciate if you could help in telling me more about these chairs and their value.

Kind Regards,

Hi Lucy,

Yes, you too can become a Kindel furniture expert to some degree.  First off, it is import to know that not all models, regardless of who the furniture manufacturer is, has a high resale
value. Secondly, the value of sets of chairs goes up when there are larger numbers such as 8,
10, or 12.  It is the larger sets that appeal to the buyer of means, looking to furnish a large
dining room. Think of it this way, small sets bring small prices. Last but not least, the style of the chair is of paramount importance.

When looking at Kindel re-sale prices and in particular the higher value models, these are
usually from one of their museum collections, such as The Winterthur Museum in Delaware.
Currently, their chairs can list for as high as $7,000. to $8,000. or more.

Now, regarding your chairs. The design is in the matter of a French Louis 16th example.
While  they are not a hateful model, excluding the fabric that they are currently upholstered in, the frames themselves are relatively attractive. I would NOT paint these chairs, rather leave theme in their original finish and find an attractive upholstery covering to give them a new lease on life and also work with your design objectives.

As for current value, about $75. to $100. per chair is a typical range. not to be confused
with the Kindel museum chairs that can fetch well over a $1,000.

Best Wishes,

George E. Harrison III

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