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QUESTION: Regarding my inquiry yesterday about the history of this antique sideboard, I am attaching these photos, which are not the best, but the only ones I can come up with for now.  I also noticed a glitch in my previous email...the circular label only says "...ional Furniture Atlanta Georgia".  I have no idea where those other letters & numbers came from.  Any information you can come up with will be greatly appreciated.

Joan Headley

ANSWER: This is oak and would have been manufactured around 1900.  The label could be a furniture store where it was sold or could be a manufacturer, i would have to have a good clear infocus photo of the label to determine that.

I am not sure what else you want to know.

with the pictures provided I cannot tell the condition of the surfaces or any detail so i am limited in what I can tell you.  if you repost with good pictures i can be more helpful.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mr. Klein,  I apologize for the photos, but as I said they were the best I could do for now.  I hope to have the sideboard restored and back together within the next two weeks and will re-contact you then with a photo of the label as well as the entire piece.  As for it's condition, So far I have noticed only one minute chip on a corner of the top shelf and a dime size chip in the edge of the mirror.  The finish was deplorable, and even seemed to have been spray painted black on the back and some of the edges.  Thanks so much for your assistance.  I just wish I could stop coming up with these mysterious pieces!

Joan Headley

if it is what i think and it is then restored it would sell higher of course.  around 1500$, maybe 1800, or it could be at 850. it will depend on how well it is restored.  the small chips aren't important but the color and smoothness of the total is important as is the soundness of the overall structure, meaning drawers work right, the piece is stable, top attached securely, things like that.

It appears to be the better designed golden oak period sideboards.

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