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Bailey Table Collage
Bailey Table Collage  
QUESTION: I recently picked this table up from a yard sale to refinish.  I didn't bother looking on the underside of the table before beginning my work.  It had obviously been refinished by someone at an earlier date, as the drippy and streaked finish and wrought iron legs tipped me off.  I stripped and sanded the top, then started working on the edges.  That is when I noticed the trademark sticker.

I searched the internet for hours, coming up with very little information, but then found this website:  

It shows the trademark sticker and identifies the table being from Jamestown, NY, early 1900s-1928(?).  

Any other information you can provide including current value, value if I refinish it properly, history of the company, authenticity of the piece and such would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

ANSWER: i think i sent a private email.  if i didn't here is what i said.

send close pictures of the top and a full view.  send a picture of the underneath of the top as well, full view and close--to my email as attachments to one email and include the original post in its entirety.

i believe this to be a dining room table top from around 1900.  the original base is gone and someone had the metal base made at some point.

standing by for the pictures.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have emailed additional pictures.  The table top has a diameter of 30".

resale value as an antiques is lost due to the replacement of the base.  you can see where there was another type of base on this and the underneath along with the label—so glad it is intact-proves it is a 1900-20s table top.  I will assume someone removed the original base, could have been four splayed legs emitting from underneath or could have been a pedestal attached to the underneath.  the holes, old ones tell that.  old base might have become damaged or someone just wanted to ‘modernize’ it.  either way, if you do a good job on it it should have a retail market value of a comparable table at 150-200, maybe more depending on where you are and the market for vintage and (hate this word) repurposed items.

the base was made much like the bases were made for the old hatch cover tables popular in the 70s.

hope this helps

checking further, in a resale store this would, if you make it look good, go as high as 350.

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