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top of mirror
top of mirror  
QUESTION: Hello Mr. Klein,
I bought this dresser from a lady who told me that it was an Eastlake. Since I do not know anything about Eastlake I thought I should get an experts opinion. She painted it and I am now stripping it. I hope the pics. are good enough for you to be able to advise me.
If or if not an Eastlake, any idea of value would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much for your time.

ANSWER: it is eastlake victorian style and the wood is walnut, or should be.

i dont know what else you would like to know, or what you would like advice on so please reply and we can go forth.

by the way,  good stripping job on the frieze.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Eastlake dresser
Eastlake dresser  

Eastlake dresser
Eastlake dresser  
QUESTION: I have the dresser stripped and cleaned. I was wondering if you can tell me it's worth. I will try to attach good pic. I assume the first pics. are still attached.

Thanks so much for your time


as it sits about 250/350.

the end result of your efforts will determine the value.  

someone has changed the hardware.  choose the right ones and check to see which holes or hole is the original, the center or two outside ones and use the right style.  i never saw what was on it.

if you stain properly and use a good clear coat--not polyurethane--and finish it smooth and satin then you will have an 850 dresser.  anything shy of properly done will not be a good thing.  

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