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Overstuffed Armchair
Overstuffed Armchair  

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I recently acquired this old armchair from some neighbours who were moving (saved it from going to the dump) but have not been able to find any information about it with respect to what company made it, its age, and potential value. I've used Google image search with various queries and feel like I've seen every armchair in existence except for this one!

A bit more information that may be difficult to discern from the photo: there's a removable seat cushion, but below that is a box-spring base. The seat back also has springs in it. The fabric is velvety with sort of a herringbone pattern separated by stripes.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

The chair is from the 1920s but the fabric is not original.  i suspect the fabric was done in the 1970-80s.

You will never know the manufacturer as there were 5000 in operation at that time.  If there is a label, often there is not, then you will know either the manufacturer or store from which it was originally sold.  Any label would be on the inside of the frame.

As to value, these have little monetary value in the market place as shown.  This is a good thing as then there is plenty of money room left to have it redone.  One reason is that it is expensive to have the upholstery redone properly.  An upholster who replaces the springs with foam will charge less but then the chair has lost its comfort and you might as well not have it done.  However, if you spend the money to have the wood redone then have all the rest done right you will have a comfortable chair that will last another 100 years--try that with a new one....

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