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QUESTION: Good afternoon!

I've had this interesting cabinet/table combo for a while. I'm now moving and will not have room for it, so I'd like to sell it. However, I'm not sure how to research a fair market value for it because it has no manufacturer's name on it anywhere. It's similar to a Saginaw extendable buffet, but with no maker name, and it doesn't seem to match any of their photos. The interior has a stamp that says Table Slide by Jefferson Wood Working Co of Louisville, KY. It has six leaves stored in the left side, storage space on the right side, seems to be made mostly of solid wood but with some sort of laminate, perhaps, and is in wonderful condition - a very small chip off the front left corner, and some apparent water splash stain at the bottom of the left side. If you have any suggestions for maker or anything else that would help me determine a fair asking price, or if you feel comfortable suggesting a reasonable value, I'm all ears!

ANSWER: it is like the Saginaw expand o matic pieces.

the name refers only to the slides but this piece is later into the 1960-70s so is not an antique by name but should be referred to as a collectible.

beacause of the later manufacturer this would bring about 300 tops.

advertise it in a college town.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Wonderful! Thank you so much for your quick response. Not knowing much about the history of the piece, is there any way to have some ideas as to possible manufacturers? Or, in case I get asked, what is it about the cabinet that points to the 60s/70s? I would agree that this is probably when this piece was bought, but now I'm curious to know more about it!  Thanks!!

i have to admit to being somewhat disappointed at your feedback scoring.  everything you asked was answered that could be answered.  

perhaps, since this is not an antique i should have just said so and rejected the question as i normally do but i thought you might appreciate knowing what information was available.

perhaps someone else can be more helpful.

sorry that i have failed to help you.

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