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Antique Furniture/Kindel dining set 1960 (est.)


Kindel dining armchair
Kindel dining armchair  

Kindel china cabinet
Kindel china cabinet  
Dear Mr. Harrison,

I am hoping to find out the approximate value of the Kindel dining room set I just acquired and ask for some direction in finding a buyer, without having to sell on ebay or craigslist.

The dining room set incudes a table with three leaves, 6 chairs (2 armed/4 side) and a china cabinet. Aside from some drying of the table top and a scratch made by the movers in the top of the china cabinet, the pieces are in excellent condition. We gather from receipts found that the set was purchased directly from Kindel in 1965.  The only markings on the furniture that I can find are these (photo's attached):

China Cabinet top:
4 5 6  31-55 fair. kindle 54

China Cabinet base:
31-25 ins. kindle 53

I've attached photos of the pieces. I've tried to find some information online, but have had no luck. I'm hoping you can tell me what they might be valued at and how to go about finding a buyer. My hope is to sell them to a used furniture dealer, understanding they will likely want a fair deal in order to make a profit.  

Many thanks for your advice and time.

Mary B
Lake County, IL

Hi Mary,

Some very important factors to note. Prior to 1982 and that is when your dining set would have been produced, there was no real interest in the Kindel furniture brand.  While the quality
of their furniture was of better than average quality, their stylized examples and loose
interpretations of fine period antiques was truly lacking

Your dining set is "suppose" to be in the Louis 15th Provincial style.  Not even close for
anyone with the knowledge of antique furniture, in fact it is an insult to any person
with knowledge of antiques.

Starting in 1982 the Kindel Furniture Company became the licensed maker for the Winterthur
Museum in Delaware. Considered the finest collection of American antiques in America, one
could say that this was Kindel's saving grace, rather than their going out of business many years ago, despite the quality of their furniture.  Even today, the Kindel company is fighting to survive.

With the foregoing as my preamble, this sums up the lack of interest in pieces like yours
that previously found buyers in the clueless world  we once lived in. There are also other factors as well that make selling furniture like this increasingly more difficult. Today there is very little interest in dining room sets since today's younger home buyers are not looking to furnish traditional dining rooms, opting for using the space for other venues, such as
a home office, exercise room, home theatre or possibly a music room. Formal dining, as we once
knew it has become a thing of the past. Sitting around in the kitchen eating take-out pizza is the new norm for today's set on the run.

If you go to my website, you will see the Kindel pieces that are sought after by today's
buyers. As a dealer with over 40 years experience in the marketplace, I can tell you that I proceed with caution.

So Mary, to sum up my crash-course in selling used furniture with little interest, you will
need to take just about any measure to market your dining set, to include a second hand shop in your area and yes you might even have to resort to Craig's List or eBay!

I value your entire set at about $350. Could be a bit more or a bit less, depending on what
part of the country you reside in.

Very best of luck.

George E. Harrison III  

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