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Brass caster
Brass caster  
QUESTION: Oh yes . . . the writing table measures approx. 38" wide x 23" deep x 29" tall (to top of pen drawers).

ANSWER: show me the dovetails

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Side detail
Side detail  
QUESTION: Attached are images of the dovetails and a side view.  Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: show the other side with dovetails as well and take out the drawer, lay it upside down with the rear facing you.  take a picture that shows the back and bottom of the drawer in one shot.

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dovetail 2
dovetail 2  

rear-bottom of drawer 1
rear-bottom of drawer  
QUESTION: Dear Robert:

Attached are images of the other side of the drawer showing the second dovetail and the rear/bottom of the drawer.  I'll send you one more email after this with images of a dovetail and back/rear of the second drawer.  I also have pictures of the pen drawer hinges on the top if you need them.

Thank you again.

although the dovetails are hand cut or cut with a dull electric cutter is the question.  either way they are not the type of dovetails we see in earlier pieces (1800s).  The drawer bottom is not made like an 1800s piece.  

When we see these items that have the better matched veneers, are in elegant form and style like this and have the better cast brass caps and not the stamped brass type and add that it was shellac and not lacquer we pretty much know that it either came for a quality small shop or that it was from a quality manufacturer like sydrow and huntley.

it is a very nice desk with well matched veneers on the sides, and an umcommon form, desirable.  the leather looks to be in good condition as well.

what did you want to know??

when an item is shellac it will fluoresce a slight orange color, lacquer will fluoresce a bit of bluish white haze.  

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