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Oak sideboard
Oak sideboard  
Oak Sideboard
Oak Sideboard  
QUESTION: I have finally finished "restoring" the sideboard I wrote to you about earlier.  I was able to keep it completely original except for three things  1.)I had to replace the board that backed the mirror  2.)  I refelted the small drawer on the right end, due to damage from some sort of critters  3.) I replaced one caster that was broken [had no wheel].  The small drawers have wooden pegs for stops but the large one just has small squares of wood.  I am also sending a photo of the back of the top piece, which also shows the number 607 and some very interesting handprints, possibly from when it was made.  Other than the date of January 7, 1904 on the back of the mirror, I have no idea of it's history.  What, if anything, can you tell me?  Since I can attach just 2 photos, I will send others separately.


ANSWER: visually it looks great, if it is smooth that is even better.

you did the right thing in replacing what you did.  that is how we do it but i leave the castors off and bag them and put them in a drawer so the piece will not get wobbly if it is pushed around.  the piece should be sturdy with no wobble but pushing it on wheels will losten joints-not a good thing.

date is right, it is a piece made around 1900 during the golden oak period.

if it is tight and smooth these can go up to 1250 retail with insurance repalcement value higher.

good job!!!

dining rooms were and are the rooms where the most money is spent on furnishings as it was the gathering place for friends and family.

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oak sideboard
oak sideboard  

oak sideboard
oak sideboard  
QUESTION: I'm not sure what you mean by "smooth".  If it refers to the operation of moving parts, such as drawers, it is indeed very smooth.  The sides of the drawers and the rails they slide on are made a wood that feels very silky to the touch.  There is no "wobble" anywhere, and all the joints (most of which are dovetail) are solid.  I am attaching a couple photos of one of the small drawers to show the construction.  I so appreciate your input and information regarding this piece.  Thank you.


sorry i wasn't clear.  by smooth i meant the finish or coating when you run your hand across it.  good to know the drawers and doors are moving smoothly as well.  too often drawers hang up when closing due to 100+ years of usage.  good drawer construction with dovetails at the rear as well.

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