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QUESTION: I purchased a storage unit this week and found this very interesting table in it.I would like to know about how old the table is and about how much the table is worth in it's current condition.If I had it refinished how much would it be worth. I am sad to say that it is not in the best condition. I have several other pictures but it would not allow me to post but two pictures. I did take pictures of the label I found inside the drawer. It says "Elite Furniture Company, Elite Tables, Jamestown NY. The small draw has a lion head gold pull and the bottom of the drawer has the number #75 stamped in the wood.The drawer is dove tail made. I did not see any nails or screws in the wood. The top of the table does have allot of scratches in it and both sides do fold out. I did see other post on this page about the Elite Tables but the legs of the table looked different. I did find another table from the same company on another site but that drawer on another site had number # 857 stamped on that one. I will be more than happy to send you more pictures to your email if that would be helpful to you.Thanks again in advance.

ANSWER: this table was made in the 1940s, pre war.  the base is sweet gum wood stained to a mahognay color  the top is either mahogany veneer or tulip poplar or sweet gum wood, i cannot tel lin the picture, it is too distant to see the grain pattern.

these were used as sofa tables, breakfast tables or pier tables.

as is it would sell at 50-75.  refinished 375 in a shop.

the style is sheraton style or some would say duncan phyfe style.  I prefer Federal style.  you must use the term style to indicate it is not a period piece.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your very fast response, would this be a project that you would be able to restore? And what would it cost me to restore it?
Thanks again.

without a visual hands on inspection the cost to restore would be a range between 500-650.

the gouges in the top will not disappear after restoration, they can be made level with the top but they will appear as dark lines and/or spots in the wood.  These look best done is a dark mahogany color, cordovan mahogany or deep brown red.  trying to sand them out is not an option and is only attempted by semi skilled re-finishers or amateurs.

it often costs more to restore than the market value at the time.  this is not uncommon.  however, there are those out there in business as refinishers that will attempt restoration for 2-300$.  Not what you want; we call it the brown and shiny school of refinishing.

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