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I bought this table recently at a yard sale. I have done some research on it from the markings and emblems, and was wondering the current market value for it, and if there is a way to know for sure the tables age. Also I was wondering about the best way to refinish the piece or if its best to leave it alone.

There are two stickers on the inside drawer, the first one is the mahogany authenticity sticker, unfortunately the number has been removed. The second emblem is the trademark ID that says SloaneMaster CMC. It is my understanding that this was used from 1946-1987. The drawer is assembled with dovetail joints and a plywood bottom.

The underside of the drawer there is a stamped on style id that says 2250 Pembroke. Also burned into the wood is another stamp logo of The Company of Master Craftsmen with the eagle encircled with an oval.

The legs and top look to be assembled with either dowel or mortis and tendon joints and glue.

I hope I have provided you with enough information and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your time!


The Company of Master Craftsmen was founded by William Sloane Coffin, Sr in 1925.

since the mahogany association disbanded in mid 1960s it palces your table in teh 20 year span between 1946 and 1966.

If you are not skilled at refinishing i would leave this to a professional but I would suggest you buy toluene free briwax in the antique mahogany color and wax it first.  then live with it a while before doing anything else.

these, in good condition go at 300/350 in a shop.  this is a nice one with good hardware, form and inlay.  condition is a huge factor in pricing.

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