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Display Cabinet 1
Display Cabinet 1  
Inlay on Cabinet
Inlay on Cabinet  
QUESTION: Hi Robert.. I recently inherited this beautiful inlaid display cabinet. From the research I've carried out it appears to be of Sheraton like design and similar pieces point to the late 18th early 19th Century, though I've made the wrong assumption about age on other items in the past, so hoped you could help on this one.
Many thanks
Mike (Scotland)

ANSWER: gonna need a picture of the outside of the side of a drawer where the side meets the front.

pic of the outside of the bottom of the drawer taken with the drawer upside down, back of the drawer facing the camera showing the back and bottom in the same shot

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Brass Lock
Brass Lock  

Cabinet Door Rear View
Cabinet Door Rear View  
QUESTION: Hi Robert,
thanks for getting back to me.. The cabinet only  has 4 doors (2 Glass and 2 Wooden) but no drawers.. hopefully the attached images showing the lock and inside one of the doors will help.. I'll also send other images I have..
look forward to hearing from you,
Mike W

i realized as soon as i sent the email that there were no drawers.

i just received the pictures to my email, thanks.

dont be disappointed, but the piece is not as early as you thought.  age alone doesnt make something better or worse, just older, or newer.

these were made around 1890-1915.  The style is a mix of hepplewhite and sheraton and even a bit of victorian.

your have to judge age by materials, construction and tooling more so that style.  all weigh but all are not weighted evenly.  styles are repeated, so materials, construction and tooling and tool marks, types of hardware (which can be changed), all have to be judged.  Even finishes have some weight in judgement.

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