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Dear Mr. Harrison:

My mom just just purchased a Stamped Kittinger Queen Anne Mahogany Tray Top Tea Table with the Candleslides patterned exactly like 1750-1760 Boston Tea Table in "American Antiques from the Israel Sack Collection" at Vol.  VI, pp 1540-1540. The Sack Tray Top Tea Table belonged to Ms. Mary Revere, daughter of Paul Revere. Images are attached hereto.

Being a Kittinger table, the one my mom bought obviously did not belong to the daughter of the "Midnight Rider." However, the Table appears to have the original finish and is stamped with the "Kittinger" name on three different places on the underside. It also appears to have some age on it, although I cannot tell precisely how old it is. Mom paid $150.00 for the table, which she bought at a flea market.

I looked on the Kittinger website and it appears Kittinger is no longer making this model table. Do you know approximately when that table would have been discontinued? Do you know the approximate dates it was produced by Kittinger. Also, my mom would literally "jump over the moon" if you were to think she got a good price for the table. I ran a "Price Data" search on MAD and it appears that Kittinger reproductions amazingly hold their value. Would appreciate your thoughts on value.

Thanks for your time. Scott Talkington.

Hi Scott,

Being a long time expert for Kittinger furniture and also having made an attempt to personally purchase the Kittinger company of Buffalo, New York in April of 1990, affords me the ability to answer your questions.

First, the association of the Kittinger Company and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
dates back to 1937 when Kittinger first started producing faithful copies of the antique
furnishings from the restored area and also the DeWitt-Wallace Galleries at Colonial


This wonderful program started back in 1937 and lasted up until 1990 when the Kittinger furniture company was sold and closed down. It was at this time that Colonial Williamsburg
went shopping for a new manufacturer to re-produce their antique pieces and therefore awarded the  license to the Baker Furniture Company of Holland Michigan.

Now, to address your mothers particular table, the CW8 Tea Table. This table was probably the single most popular piece ever produced by Kittinger for Williamsburg.  The table was made
from 1937 up until 1990.  With 53 years of production time, I can tell you that there are literally thousands of these tables out there. In reality, there are more tables out there
today than eager buyers. This present factor has helped suppress values for all but the very finest and pristine examples.

Since my looking at your duplicate photo's  does not tell me of a more pin-pointed time, I would need to see photo's of the labeling and burn-in marks on the underside of the table,
to provide you with a more detailed evaluation. But, in looking at the the finish, my opinion
is that the table was made sometime in the 1950's to 1960's. having a warm walnut color.

Now for this tables value.  Since there are an endless supply of these tables out there,
the condition of your is of paramount importance. While I have sold countless, outstanding examples of this table for as high as $2,500. I have also seen these tables bring in the range
of the $150., which your mother paid.  Since the Kittinger company was well known for their superior finishes, that is why condition is key to the values today. With you telling me that this table was purchased at a flee market, I have to assume it has condition issues, thus in line with the low price.

Evaluating used furniture prices in not unlike evaluating the price of a used car. Obviously,
if a car needs new tires, body work and a paint job and other repairs, it's not going to be
worth what the low-mileage, garaged example will fetch.

So, in closing, perhaps the price paid is an accurate value, or it could be worth double that, but if I had to guess, not a whole lot more.

If you would like a more accurate evaluation, you can send along more detailed photo's, showing all labeling, to my direct e-mail address.  


Very Best Wishes,

George E. Harrison III

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