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QUESTION: Could you please give me information on this dining table &  chairs.I found a sticker that says Manufactured by High Point Bending & Chair Co. Siler City N.C. Pattern No.#263-ar. I've searched the internet but with no luck finding any answers as to the was made. it does need to be restored but i'm not sure if it's worth it. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Also,could you possibly give me an amount you would think it's worth as is, & would it be worth restoring??
Thank You

ANSWER: is the label on the chairs or the dtable

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The label is under the chairs.

some online info on the company that built the chairs:
book "Boling: The Story of a Company and Family" by John Harding (1979).  According to this book, the company started in 1901 as Siler City Bending Co. and made things like traces for carriage harnesses.  On Jan 9, 1904, it became High Point Bending and Chair Company with founder Captain Malvola Jackson Boling.  It was named High Point because of the heavy investment in the furniture industry from a nearby city of that name.  In 1956 it became Boling Chair Company.  In the year 2001 it was still in existance in Siler City and known as "Boling Group".  Further research has led me to believe that the chairs I have are probably from 1926.  


your chairs are built like the hitchcock chairs from the hitchcock company in New England.
a classic style that would sell restored completely and properly at 350 each.  however to restore properly it would probably cost more that that to restore because of the seat weaving.  in my area it costs about 125 to do the seat weaving.  if you could do that part then you are ahead.

the table restored would sell at 850-1000 in a shop.  it needs to be restored which would cost around 850.

so to restore this very cool set would be up to you.  if you like it and want to invest in it then have it done but make sure it is to be done properly.  

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