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kittinger chair
kittinger chair  
I recently acquired a Martha Washington kittinger chair which needs re has a metal tag that reads kittinger worthwhile furniture buffalo new York. I wanted to know if you could tell me the age, value, and if it is worth re upholstering for resale.
         thank You for your time,

Hi Terry,

After dealing in Pre-owned Kittinger furniture for over 42 years, my feeling is that this
lolling chair was not made by the Kittinger Furniture Company of Buffalo, New York.
While I have seen this particular form made by other makers, I do not show any reference
for this chair in my Kittinger reference library.

What you need to know is that there were many furniture companies in the United States
producing early American, colonial and stylized traditional furniture. After WWII, one
by one, an overwhelming number of furniture companies proceeded to go out of business.

What was left after the war, were the better funded companies that were making furniture
built to a price, but not to a high standard, like the Kittinger company produced. Look at
it this way, while most people in this country drive Fords and Chevy's, or Toyota's and Honda's, only a very small percentage drive Rolls-Royce's and Ferrari's. Kittinger's
automotive counterparts.

Currently, in this country, we have been experiencing a shift in buyers taste, to more
casual, informal furniture.  So, for the few people out there that know of the Kittinger name, but not necessarily all the models they produced, they might go to an auction and see a
piece with a Kittinger tag and get the idea it has value.  While a chair like the one you
have, might be worth $50. to $100., a "Kittinger chair could be worth $500. to $1,000.
While it is hard to fake Kittinger case furniture, since it was branded and has serial
numbers and pattern numbers, it's the upholstered pieces that are easy to fake, by simply
tacking on a Kittinger label lifted from a real piece of Kittinger. In my business, this
happens with great frequency. I have even contacted my local office of the FBI to report the fraud, even going as far as to inform them of the places I have seen it turn up and would be fairly simple for the FBI to investigate, but I was pretty much told they have bigger fish to fry. For the FBI fine art theft is high on their hit parade. They simply do not have the number of agents available to investigate.

When I look at your chair, two makers come to mind, one being the Hickory Chair Company and
the other being Southwood. Both companies made this particular model and style of chair.

I am attaching a link to my website that will show you what a typical Kittinger lolling
chair looks like. All the Kittinger chairs strongly resemble the CW13 Colonial Williamsburg
lolling chair.


If you knew your Kittinger labels like I do, you could tell just about when the chair was
produced. If you like, take a picture of the label and send it to me and I can provide you
with more accurate information.

I do not know what you paid for the chair, but if it has a bogus label and I am sure it does, you might want to go back where you bought it and see about getting your money back. If the
amount was in the neighborhood of $50. then it is not a major problem, except it is very
deceitful and unsavory and these characters should be punished.

Best Wishes and good luck.

George E. Harrison III    Kittinger Expert  

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