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I am a games historian and was interested in a comment you made in answer to the question about the Milton Bradley kindergarten table patented 1893. You said, "as to value, since these were destroyed and few have come to the market...."  What information do you have about the destroying or destruction of these tables?
Incidentally, my brief history of Milton Bradley appears on my website at
and contains images of the kindergarten table, among other things, along with a link (on the same site) to the story of Bradley's first game, "The Checkered Game of Life."
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Bruce Whitehill

Thank you very much for the link to your information website.

Your question is appreciated.

The basis for my statement you quoted ["as to value, since these were destroyed and few have come to the market...."],  comes from the least accurate source of information available to you and me, a narrative.  Back in the early 1970s when I was a young pup we (my boss and I) traveled into central Pennsylvania (Crescent, Ebensburg, Hollidaysburg, Duncansville areas) every 5-7 weeks for his buying trips.  He had a select group of pickers, some third and fourth generation in the business, that were his core.  Two of these persons had acquired old school houses for storage of merchandise.  One was a wonderful one room wooden school house, the other a larger brick affair from the 20s with many rooms and two stories.  In the one room school house there were a few desks stacked in the corner, I remember because of the Milton Bradley name which I associated with games.  Being a curious sort I well remember asking about the furnishings that once inhabited these and other schoolhouses like these.  I was told that there was no market to make hauling school desks worthwhile--a sad commentary for sure, and that all the pickers they knew just piled them out in the back lots.  The cost of saving these was not worth it to them.  Took up too much space in the trucks on on the floor.  I assumed this was not just particular to this area as all pickers and dealers were primarily purveyors of what was profitable in the monetary arena.  

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