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Coombe desk
Coombe desk  
Hi, I am just wondering if you can tell me about this Coomber furniture company (Canada) 3 drawer desk from the 1950's.

Can you provide a value on the desk?  Thank-you for your time!


in my area of the country this would sell at 350-450 in a shop.  Coombe built quality furniture but closed in the early 1970s.   

some information from one source.
Coombe Furniture Factory Company Limited Kincardine.
James B. Watson and Frank E. Coombe joined forces in 1903 to form Watson and Coombe Furniture. The company name was changed to F.E. Coombe Company when J.B. Watson sold his interest and Howard Magwood and George Davidson joined the company. After the death of Frank I. Coombe in 1929, Howard Magwood became President and H.E. Magwood became the new Secretary-Treasurer. The name changed yet again to Coombe Furniture Factory Company Limited in 1963. During peak times there were 75 to 80 employees at the company. The F.E. Coombe Company made high quality wooden period furniture and upholstered furniture. Most of the wood was imported from the United States, Africa and the West Indies. Marble for table tops was at one time imported from Spain. This Spanish marble was very attractive but often arrived broken so Portuguese Marble was imported. Canadian elm and birch were used for the frames of upholstered furniture. The furniture made at the Coombe factory was known worldwide. It was used to furnish the Canadian Government House in England, the MPPs chairs in Parliament and the Queens suite when she visited Charlottetown. In 1972 Coombe Furniture closed. Today there is a park situated where the company once stood on Huron Terrace Street across from the Kincardine Harbour.

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