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Bedroom Set
Bedroom Set  
Vanity Close up
Vanity Close up  
QUESTION: Dear Bob, I have a bedroom set that we inherited and are looking to sell.  I am trying to get some basic information about it so that i know what I have.  It was purchased from Pie Furniture Company in Lockport NY about 1946.  Purchased as a bedroom set for my mother and father in law when they were married.

It has the tag from "Thomasville Chair Company"  It has five pieces to it: a vanity and sitting chair, a "full size" bed head and footboards, a night stand, and a 2 story dresser drawers.  The vanity is labeled "219-8" and the Dresser is marked as "L 219 Chest".
I saw that you had given an answer about a similar Thomasville vanity and i figured you would have a sense about my set.

I am attaching the picture of the whole set and then a closeup on the vanity.  If you need more or better pictures let me know.
It is a veneer wood but how would i describe it?
Is this what is called "mid century" furniture.
How would you evaluate a market price for the pieces i have?
Is it considered basic functional furniture or does it have any value by it's manufacturer, style, wood, or age?
I appreciate any help you can give.

ANSWER: this is in the Federal style, not period but style.  much furniture was built in this style in the 40s.  it is a classic style, you have no doubt seen this style in many dining rooms.  Most people mistakenly call the dining room furniture Duncan Phyfe style which is only partially correct.  Actually a blend of hepplewhite, sheraton and DP, all of which can fall under the federal style umbrella.

wood is mahogany veneer, frame is most likely sweet gum and/or tulip poplar stained to match mahogany with an aniline dye.  

i believe the set can be sold together or separate.

the bed is the hardest to sell.  chest of drawers would sell around 400, vanity at 500, bed at 250.

mid century might hurt the sale better to say 1940s, most midc is of a completely differ design.

it has appeal due to the style, manufacturer wont matter.  from what i remember ,Pie or pies, was a seller not a manufacturer although i could be wrong on that.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for you quick and informative answer.

My followup question would include:

What level of furniture was Thomasville Chair Co perceived to be making in the 1940s (basic to fine)

Where/how would you recommend me selling these items - ebay, an antique dealer, craigs list, other?

thank You!

the furniture was well made, cant say more without a hands on inspection as every company had several offerings, styles, and prices.

all of your choices of a point of sale have their pros and cons.  easiest is CL, with pictures and see what happens.  I dont know how things are where you reside.  check in antique shops and antique malls and look for similar items,  that is your best indicator.

ebay, probably not as shipping is involved.  dealer wont give much, resale store might be an option if there is a classy one in your town.

if money is not important then a donation to a church or some other type of organization that benefits the truly needy, might be good for a write off.

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