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Antique Furniture/Value Of Folding Center Leaf Maple Table


Center Leaf Table
Center Leaf Table  
The center leaf in this table unfolds/folds in the middle, when you pull on a ring. It is red maple. Has four chairs with the set. It has a stamp on the chairs:VALITON FIRMLY COMPRESSED TENONS FIRMLY SECURED GLUE/JOINTS USED ON THIS CHAIR. NO. 2263198. I know that VALITON is the press they made to make the chairs. I believe it was made in the 1900's. It was handed down to me from my grandparents. My grandfather brushed a red stain over it, which I think devalued it. The top of the table is quite worn. What did they call these tables, where was it made, and any idea of value? Thanks so much!

patent was filed in may 1940, not sure when the machine was built to compress the round tenons but i have reference of an ad and a patent for the machine in 1951.

This fits since this style was made from the 30s-50s.  The red may have been from your gfather but this is one of the colors used as they often called this red maple (stain).

this style has no special name but was referred to as country colonial or country colonial revival.

there are ways to revive this without stripping and refinishing.  if it is stripped to refinish then sanding should NOT be done aggressively.  after properly stripping  and a clean surface washed with lacquer thinner after stripping, as i said above, clean and proper stripping, wiping with sandpaper or rubbing with maroon scruff pads is all that is needed, then coating and rubbing with your choice of coating/finish.  shellac, varnish, lacquer.

as shown the market value is low due to condition.  restored Properly, in a shop the table and 4 chairs would sell at 550-650.  however, it is family so it is priceless.  

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