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Hello Bob,

Recently I came across a boomerang table under a pile of other Mid-Century Modern furniture at an antique mall. The only marking is "From WF Mfg Co Warsaw, KY" stenciled underneath. It's apparently 1950's era but all scant information I've dug up on this company refer to production ending in 1920's. If you could provide any further information on the age, wood used in construction (walnut, maple?), manufacturer, and/or possible value I would greatly appreciate it. I've seen many boomerang tables out there, but nothing looking quite like this. It's an even "V" shape, with no longer end. Thank you for the consideration!

you have been given all the information available.  i searched for quite awhile for you, about 45 minutes.  sorry i missed the value, i got hung up on the searching and checking in my library.  this table would sell in a shop at 75-100.

if you want wood species please provide a suitable photograph.

by your feedback i must apologize that i was not knowledgeable enough.  sometimes all there is, is all there is.  write the historical commission as i suggested.  they have access to manufacturing census that i do not.

thank you

the earliest i have warsaw furniture co listed is 1904 but have no ending date, but have found them listed in a 1941 furniture journal.  Then a mention in a 1978 book but that one I do not have nor have i read it.

the pictures are not close enough for me to see the grain.  Lane made a similar line in the late 1940s into the early 50s, the danish modern style just like yours except they used wood legs.

in order to get info on the company you will have to write the historical commission in Ky.

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