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For reasons that that this piece speaks to me, I'm convinced that this is an original Jacobean style-ish possibly very early american window sofa of sorts. I do not have the original cushions, the cushions that were on it clearly indicated that the prior owner was clueless to what they possessed. I know its pretty much impossible to tell from pictures, I've had an antique dealer, not seemingly knowledgeable of the periods style say that the wood used is likely oak and it appear "old as in potentially very old", another antiqur dealer that I had take a quick look at it assumed it was made during a revival period. Both of thrm however were taken back by its beauty. The one assuming it was a revival piece said after waxing and shining it up and adding some sort of complimenting cushions would easily list it at around $2k. I, however. Am not convinced its a revival piece, notwithatanding the outer wood being in impecable shape, it still speaks multiple hundreds of years of age to Me.  Underneathis of course the most revealing as it has every sign of early handmade furniture, both the nails and some screws that were used appear handmade, there's significant sloppyness (compared to later years) as far as different woods used, non-symetrical everything..and underneath just shows a lot of age, and I think I'm only unsure of the metal coils used, which are extremely Rusty, and whether they appear to be what was used during that time.

The truth of the matter is that everyone I've shown this to online and in person, and myself included, has been in awe of it and I want to know exactly what I have . any help would be greatly appreciated . I know more pictures are necessary and I have many available.

send multiple pictures as attachments to one email to my email address.

right side up please, front rear and underneath.
close up of wood grain so i can determine species
end of coil spring where it touches wood

at first look i would agree that this is Jacobean style not period but would like to see more pictures.

eagerly awaiting pictures.

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