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Antique Furniture/carved eagle & crest table or bench



Found the item in the photo recently. Not sure if it is a table or bench. Also, would like to know when may have been made and period (factory or handcrafted), wood type, and value. Sending additional photos to you directly as ONE table bench.

Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.

ANSWER: all I can tell you about this is it was made in the 70s to commemorate the 200 year celebration of the country.   the bi-centennial.  

I havenít seen one since then.  can tell you the staining on this was done with asphaltum and the design was machine done with hand chasing.

other than that I cant tell you more, donít have a clue as to market value.  for insurance replacement i would place 750$.  wood is pine.

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QUESTION: I see now that I attached 2 of the same photos. Sorry for the oversight. Attaching correct one in case it makes a difference to viewers.

ANSWER: no doubt it is a great table. height? length?  width?

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QUESTION: 24"W x 48"L x 16 1/2"H. Wgt.approx. 35 lbs.

I was hoping it was antique + even tho it's quite impressive I won't make the space to keep it. Perhaps I'll pass it along to a family member..or sell it.

Most important for me is the learning process as well as discovering a lovely piece of history.

Thanks so much for your help. A++++

it is a piece of history and would look great if you stripped or cleaned it with mineral spirits followed by a dark brown wax.  asphaultum i think is sold under the glisonite name.  it is tar.  companies use about one tablespoon or less or more in a gallon of mineral spirits for stain.  it is still used today and gives a nice base color.

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