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Dining Table - Before
Dining Table - Before  
Dining Table - After
Dining Table - After  
QUESTION: This dining table was purchased at a garage sale and it has a label on it that says  "Imperial Grand Rapids Michigan".  I am trying to find out about the value of the table.  Thanks.

ANSWER: do you have the rest of the leaves?

As shown it would have a 1500$ retail price.  insurance value higher.

if it had all the leaves, 4-5, and was restored professionally it would have a $3000 price tag.

I am assuming this to be mahogany as it wears the cordovan mahogany color used around 1890-1910 so often.

would you use the followup function and post a picture of the mechanism that holds the pedestal halves together, thanks

i hit the send button too soon:
The table looks good like you have done, my comment about professionally done was not intended as a slight to what you have done.  It looks good.
I have one done in the shop with 5 leaves that we did priced at 4500$.  same empire style base as yours made by a different company but in the same form and style

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QUESTION: Absolutely no offense taken. I have 5 leaves each 9 inches in width. I will send a follow up photo. Thanks.

ANSWER: price is rising, when you get a chance i would like to see the mechanism that holds the pedestals.  and maybe a picture of the underside of the table...

is the top a 54 inch diameter?  48, 60?

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Table Top
Table Top  

Table Base
Table Base  
QUESTION: Here are three photos 1) the back of the top of the table 2) the top of the base 3) the label.  We may have diminished the value by our very rudimentary refinishing job.  We are staging our house for sale and didn't have a dining table so a $50 garage sale find was ideal.  If its truly valuable then I will have it professionally refinished!

Do you have the center leg?  If not having one made will be a good idea since when the table is fully extended that central leg support is needed. and is it a 54" table in diameter?

the table is 1890/1900 and if fully restored would price at 4800$, you have not hurt it by doing what you did, hopefully you did not use polyurethane. If you like it do have it restored by a competent restorer.

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