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Grandfather Clock
Grandfather Clock  
Drop Leaf Table
Drop Leaf Table  
QUESTION: We have a few pieces of vintage furniture passed down from the family but we will be moving and will not have room for these pieces. We would like to know if you can determine the approximate age and value of them.

Grandfather clock manufactured by Colonial Mfg in Zeeland Michigan with 3-16-49 marking. It works and is in top condition. Seems like a date on this one so 1949?  What is your estimated value of this item?

A Robert W Irwin (Royal) drop leaf table. This is in very good condition - what is the estimated age and value?"

ANSWER: it could be a date it was worked on.  that would be common.  the picture of the clock is not so clear.  if you would use the followup function and retake a picture i could be more helpful.

also would like the serial number and any information on any labels.  exactly as written please.

for the table, show a picture of the label.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Clock label
Clock label  

Table Label
Table Label  
QUESTION: I have attached the labels from the clock and from the table. I don't see any other labels or tags on either item.

The table label with the George Washington bust was made 1926-1931 at the Royal furniture company plant after Irwin purchased Phoenix and Royal in Grand Rapids.
Retail in a shop 650-750 depending on the point of sale. Insurance replacement value higher.

Clock was manufactured and completely assembled at the plant in Zeeland.  Wood is Honduras mahogany and the works were imported, probably from Germany but they used others as well, should be a mark on the metal of the works somewhere as to origin or company.  The case and face of the clock resembles some pictured in the book, American Manufactured Furniture of the 1920s but Colonial cases changed very little so it is possible the clock was from later than the case and face suggests.  they usually stamped a serial or model number on the back just under where the works are located.  That can be checked through a couple of websites.  After reading more i do believe the numbers you have might be a date but that is not so common.  I strongly urge you to check a couple of the clock websites i list at the end of this post for exact info on the date.  But, regardless of the date, be in 1920 or 1950 the retail pricing would be close, around 15-1800$.

I do not have any material showing the model number to pinpoint the age and all tall Colonial clocks, or floor models, had a 4 digit model number.  Here is a site that I use that will be helpful to you.

and here  

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