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Chest of Drawers
Chest of Drawers  
Chest oof drawers
Chest oof drawers  
QUESTION: Seeking any all info on this (I believe) to be 18th century Italian chest of drawers Handles and brass accents appear to be original and it appears to be handmade but cant confirm need lots of help with this one thank you for your help if u need addition pics please let me know this piece also has dovetails on back side of chest near the top

ANSWER: use the followup function and post a picture of the drawer our and upsidedown, the picture taken from the rear showing the bottom and back of the drawer in one shot.

picture of the hole the drawer came out of.


where did you get the chest, what did they tell you, what did you pay

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chest of drawers
chest of drawers  

chest of drawers
chest of drawers  
QUESTION: I purchased this in North Carolina at a antique store I got a heck of deal on it I only paid I think $199.00 for it  may have been a little less then that The owner of the store said it was bought a estate sale and they told her they thought it was a 19th century reproduction I was going to buy it regardless cause its just a beautiful piece of furniture I'm just curious to know more about it and if It was a good deal and if there is any value Thank you again Robert

It is a nice piece, these sell high in new and resale furniture stores.  They were correct that it is a reproduction but it is a 20th century reproduction of an 1850s european chest.

could be as late as 1970/80 but they still sell way higher than you paid.  usually about 800-1200, higher in fancy stores.

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