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Hello Mr. Klein. I am hoping that you will be able to help me identify a set of occasional chairs that I am thinking about purchasing from an Antique shop. I only have front view pictures of the chairs. The owner claims they were her great Aunts and she inherited them and that they are well over 100 years old. They have been reupholstered but she thinks it was done by her Great Aunt. Even though the chairs appear to be identical one has wooden casters and the other has (I believe) has cast iron casters. The chair with the metal casters does not have wooden pegs in the back underneath legs, the chair with the wooden casters does have pegs however one is missing. The owner believes they were from the North Carolina area but has no further information. She is selling them for $175 for the pair. What style are these chairs and about how much should they really be worth? Thank you so much for your time in answering, it is much appreciated.

casters might have been changed, i am not a fan of casters on a chair, legs are not made to take side stress and people years ago sat properly in chairs, unlike today.

chairs are part of a parlor set made 1890-1920 in the empire style.  often referred to as second or third period empire.

If the chairs need no work the price is fair.  at auctions in south central Virginia and here on the Gulf Coast they sell at auction for 65-100 each.

wooden pegs mean nothing in this case.  furniture is put together with dowels- round wooden ones.  if they can be seen from the finished surface on this age item then it is a repair where someone drilled through the finished surface into the wood to try to tighten something.

many people inter lace doweled furniture with earlier pegged furniture.  it is not hte same.
these pieces shown are manufactured.  true pegged furniture is mostly hand done.

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